Xspouse browser preview and printing


A "Browser Preview and Printing" feature has been added to Xspouse and Xarrears. At this stage, the feature is implemented for all of the items on the main print menu in both Xspouse and Xarrears. This feature will be extended throughout Xspouse.

The "Browser Preview and Printing" feature allows you to view documents in your browser instead of sending them directly to the printer. You can print the document from the browser, if you choose to do so.

The normal print feature (that sends the document directly to the printer) remains unchanged.

The "Browser Preview and Printing" feature brings significant advantages over the normal print facility. The advantages include:

  • The ability to have multiple documents open for viewing in your browser. This effectively allows you to have multiple, simultaneous views of an Xspouse case.
  • Significantly enhanced appearance of reports that are printed via the browser preview and print feature. (Note: printing from the Xspouse and Xarrears main print menu directly to the printer retains the existing appearance of reports; the enhanced appearance reports are available only via the browser preview and printing feature).
  • The ability to print from the browser. This will also resolve any printing problems that users have occasionally encountered when printing directly from Xspouse or Xarrears.

We very much encourage your feedback to influence the expansion of this feature throughout Xspouse and Xarrears. You can provide your feedback via email to: feedback@xspouse.com

To help you get started with using the browser preview and printing feature, please view the topics on the left of this page.