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About Xspouse™
Email: support@xspouse.com
Important Note. To make sure that notifications about Xspouse™ are not intercepted by a spam filter, please add support@Xspouse.com and sales@Xspouse.com to your email program address book or to your approved senders list.

Xspouse™ Professional

UN-INSTALL any previous version of Xspouse™ via Windows Control Panel before downloading. (Before doing so, be sure that you have a valid personalization ID that has been issued since November 1, 2016.)
Click on the link below.

Internet Explorer will provide the "Run" option to allow you to install across the Internet.

Other browsers (eg, Chrome, Firefox) may not provide a "Run" option and will, instead, require you to save the installation file to your computer. In that case, you can run the installation file after it has downloaded to your computer.

Install Xspouse™ Professional
Please do not go through the "Purchase Xspouse™ process more than once!
The Xspouse™ manual may be downloaded separately by clicking on the "Manual" link on the Home page.